Basic Digital Marketing Tools Worth Getting Excited About

The first time anybody – even a current professional – sat down to build a website, I guarantee you it didn’t go very smoothly. Creating a banner or infographic, tracking trends or keyword searches, or figuring out how to track your online visitors can seem like Greek to those just starting out in the digital world.

Pull up a chair and read a bit. Below are some good resources to help out with some of the fundamental needs of putting a website or digital marketing together.

Banners and Logos

The internet is a highly visual place, with pictures, infographics and videos galore. Something as simple as creating your webpage banner or logo can become a real headache!

Enter left, Wikihow. If you can design a banner that you like in a word processing document and need to convert it to an image file, check out this page for step-by-step instructions.

If you need help designing a banner or logo, take a look a Fiverr, a great website filled with people who do one cool thing for five dollars. Pick a topic and start scrolling. You’ll be amazed what you can get done for you for a very affordable five bucks.


To modify photographs try Picmonkey, Serif, or PhotoFiltre, all of which have free versions available for smaller users, or paid versions for large users.

Sometimes nothing illustrates your point quite as well as an infographic. Instead of buying one, why not create your own? Try Piktochart or Easelly for simple template- or custom-based infographics that can be converted to a number of file formats.

If using a meme is more your style, you can create your own at Imgflip. There’s nothing quite like seeing your own memes circulating the internet a year from now!

Need to notate on a screenshot what to pay attention to or carefully avoid? Try a service like Awesome Screenshot.

There are a ton of public domain images out there, and even more that are restricted. Make sure the images you choose are licensed for reuse by using Creative Commons to find them in the first place.

Trends and Keywords

When planning your upcoming content or digital marketing campaigns, you need to know what keywords people are searching for. You don’t want to get really excited about a new idea, launch it and then discover only 330 people on the entire web are interested.

Stay on top of trends with Google Trends and Hot Trends. Trends lets you search an idea and see what its online search activity has been. And Hot Trends shows you what people are talking about right now. (At the time of this writing, the hottest google topic is Michael Jace, in case you’re interested.)

To plan out keywords for SEO & your digital markegting campaigns, you need to know how people are wording their searches.

Soovle allows you to type in a keyword and see variations of it that are turning up on all the major search engines. Wordtracker lets you see which keywords are returning the highest value for their use, and their Freekeywords version lets you try the program for free before paying.

Keyword Spy and SEMrush both allow you to spy on what keywords your competition is using. Very handy information!

More Resources Than you can Shake a Stick At

As you can see, there are a ton of ways out there to get your job done and be assured you are doing it right. Take a few minutes, check these links out and learn a new trick or two.

Here’s to your online success!

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