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Internet marketing or digital marketing is the use of online strategies or techniques for branding, marketing, advertising, and promoting products and services.

Methods include search engine optimisation, pay per click, email marketing, display advertising, online public relations, social media, mobile marketing, conversion optimisation & content marketing…

We typically find the best ROI is based on a truly well optimised and ranked Website, that’s why we specialise in Search Engine Optimisation ONLY. We do offer digital marketing consultancy as we’ve been in the industry For a very long time & know what works & what doesn’t!

Use it or lose it as they say! You are losing leads, customers and revenue if you are not marketing online.

Your prospects are hunting down products & services online, you need a web presence in order to compete in today’s digital age.

A well-crafted SEO campaign that aligns with your offline strategies is guaranteed to deliver more targeted customers.

Think of it this way, your competitors are online (and most are clueless about how to market effectively) let Dot Rise help you; out-think, out-perform & out-earn the competition!

Dot Rise offers – search engine optimisation & consultancy.

We could offer more, but you’ll see the most bang for your buck With SEO, and we’ll we’re pretty good at it, we’d rather be a master at one as opposed to a jack of all!

SEO: Increasing website traffic through unpaid or natural listings (so you’re not paying for clicks to your advert, we’re organically increasing your website in the likes of Google, Yahoo & Bing

To increase your online visibility and exposure. Searchers click on organic results 94% of the time, leaving heavily funded paid search campaigns accountable for only 6% of traffic…

Create a targeted SEO strategy and watch as your leads & customer base grows dramatically.

Search engines decide which sites to place in the top pages of their search results through a series of complex algorithms!

The most relevant results based on a number of factors are what places sites high in the rankings. It is too complex to cover in detail here. Just as well Dot Rise have years of experience in ranking websites!

Advertisements strategically located at the top and right side on every major search engine like Google©, Yahoo©, and other search engines are called pay per click or PPC advertisements.

PPC is an Internet marketing technique that requires you to pay a certain fee every time someone clicks on a PPC ad your company placed in the results page of a search engine.

Link popularity is the measurement of the number of links your website receives from other popular websites. Links from authority websites add more weight and credibility to your website in turn helping your site rank well in the SERPs

Link popularity is important for three main reasons. First, studies have shown that people surf from one website to another by clicking links seen on every page they visit. Strategically-placed links to your site immediately increases the chances of people visiting your site.

Second, your page will rank higher in major search engines as your link popularity increases. Your website becomes more visible, leading to an increase in traffic, which will naturally lead to more sales conversions.

Lastly, higher inbound link popularity enables search engine spiders to find Your website easily and frequently. This means that your website remains indexed much longer and retains its high position.

Remember it’s about quality of links not quantity… 2 high PR links add way more weight to your SERPS than 1000 poor quality links!

No one is stopping you! BUT…

Consider the following:

Your kitchen has sprung a leak, everything is soaked, and it’s getting worse every minute that passes, you have zero plumbing skills – do you

a) get your overalls on in an attempt to find the issue and rectify it?
b) Call an emergency plumber right away?

You need new office premises as your business has grown and you need more room and staff: Do you –

a) spend weeks searching for & visiting sites as and when you can?
b) Employ an agent, brief them on exactly what you want & leave them to it?

You realise the need to implement a strategic digital marketing plan to increase your lead acquisition, customers & revenue: Do you –

a) Ask if anyone in the company if they have any idea about this
b) Speak to Dot Rise

You see most businesses think that because they can go online, use Facebook or Twitter and write some OK content for their blog that they know and understand how to make it work for them…

They get an account manager or PA to “mess about” with campaigns that deliver ZERO return and lots if wasted time.

You’re great at what you do, stick to doing that the best you can…

Let the online marketing experts do what they do best!

Our team has years of combined experience marketing online & in particular Ranking Websites

Most of us actually started with our own websites, whether they were ecommerce sites, affiliate marketing sites, blogs or service related businesses, we were and still are to some extent in the trenches actually marketing, driving traffic to collecting leads, following up with prospects and customers and monetising visitors to our own sites and the sites of our clients.

We are not here to bad mouth other agencies in anyway, however what we have found is that smaller local “web design & marketing agencies” are usually set up by one man bands who happen to be creative and good with coding / creating “pretty” looking websites… this is where the issues start:

Designers are not marketers; they have an eye for what looks nice.

Nice and pretty does not necessarily sell, often you’ll find uglier sites convert better!

• Designers are not conversion optimisation specialists

• Designers are not copywriters or content writers

• Designers are not SEO magicians

Every campaign, every client we work with, we follow a simple yet effective process:

We define your goals, without knowing what you want to achieve, how can we possibly deliver results!

We get creative, we assess your business, your industry, target market & competition, we then create a strategic plan that delivers results!

We are data nuts, once a campaign is launched, we look at the data, analyse look at key elements and test, test to maximize your ROI.

We work with you, extraordinary results happen when we understand your business inside out…

We’re not like most agencies, we don’t sell time, we sell value, traditional agencies charge you either by the hour or a specific monthly package based on hours delivered.

This should strike you as a little weird…
There’s a clear conflict of interest with this model.

The client wants:

The project completed quickly but effectively

To see ROI based results

When agencies charge by the hour, their interest is:

To do everything slowly, so they can bill you more hours

Upsell you a ton of extra services, so they can bill you more

Sound familiar? We don’t operate that way.

Our fees are based on value and on a per client basis, every business is different, and as such every digital marketing campaign we undertake is bespoke to our clients.

I’m afraid that is impossible to answer, market is different, each business is different, we ask you to fill out our discovery form, that way we can get an understanding of what it is you want to achieve. We’ll analyse everything and come back to you with our findings, usually within 48 hours. Typically SEO campaigns need a minimum of 3 months to start seeing noticeable results, it really depends on your market & the keywords you want to rank for!

We can’t give a definitive answer: it depends. Every campaign is different, every business has different needs.

We only work with a handful of clients at any one time, that way you are guaranteed priority treatment and exceptional results!

So are you ready to start out-thinking, out-performing, out-earning your competitors?

Click here and get in touch today or call us on 0162 532 6880