Is Your Website Mobile Optimised?

Is your website mobile optimsed?

Q. I can view my website on my phone surely that means it is already mobile optimised – friendly?

A. Not necessarily as most sites will show up on a Smartphone. However, unless they have been especially designed with mobile in mind they won’t provide a very good user experience for your customers and visitors to your website. You’ll notice that the images are small, the text might be misaligned and so on. A truly mobile-friendly site is specifically tailored to the needs of mobile users and for the capabilities of mobile devices across a number of operating systems!

To check if you’re site is mobile friendly visit this site: 

Add your URL and Google will tell you if you’re site is optimised for mobile!

Please see below a quick video showing you how to do this!

Q. My clients are generally at the more mature end of the market so I don’t think that they be using a Smartphone to visit my site. Do mobile websites not just appeal to younger audiences?

A. Not at all… 9 out 10 phones sold are Smartphones. 80% of internet users own a smartphone. As current contracts are running out and people are renewing their phones, it is highly likely that they will be getting a Smartphone. Some more stats for you: 57% of users say they would not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site, and a staggering 85% plus of  your ideal customers who search for a specific type of local business on their mobile device call or go to that business within one day.

Q. We got somebody to create a mobile app for our company website. Is that the same thing as a mobile optimsed site ?

A. That’s great, as mobile apps can be an important part of your mobile marketing strategy, but they are not a replacement for a mobile friendly website. The reason is, apps are platform specific, which means that they are only compatible with the specific mobile the customer used to download the app. For example, a customer would not be able to see the app if it was designed to be downloaded from iTunes to use on an iPhone and they were using an Android phone. A mobile site however will work on any mobile device with a browser. And unlike an app, which takes a lot of work to update, it is much easier, quicker and cheaper to update content and information on a mobile site.

Q. I can’t really afford a mobile site at the moment. Can it wait?

A. Yes, it can wait….but only if you are willing to risk missing out on business to your mobile friendly competitors! Creating a mobile friendly site is actually cheaper than you think Dot Rise can create a mobile friendly website for you for as little as £250.00 contact us today to discuss in more detail.

Q. How can I be sure that a mobile site will help my business?

A. Quite simply if you want to compete in the digital age (which I’m sure you do, otherwise your competitors will start getting your share of the customers!) You need to keep up with the what your consumers are demanding, and that is mobile searches. Coupled with this Google now request that your website is mobile friendly in order to help your website rank in the search engines!  You either stay doing the same old stuff and watch as your competitors leapfrog you, or you start taking digital marketing seriously!

Q. How much profit will I make from my mobile site?

A. As you would expect, ROI obviously differs from site to site & business to business. The best way to view your return on investment is to view your site from this angle: Are you providing your customers or potential customers a better experience with your brand or company? The answer is yes! Is that likely to result in more website traffic, more views on your products or services? Yes, then I’d bet you’ll get more custom!  Are you’re competitors mobile? If not great, steal the march on them, if they are already, well they are most likely getting some additional customers!

Don’t let the competition get ahead of you, give us a call on 0161 818 8097 or email Mark, don’t forget it’s not as expensive as you’d think to get a mobile and SEO optimised mobile website!