We mulled over this for a long time… Do we offer a Facebook Advertising Service?

We had the internal debate, we asked clients their thoughts and we had some more chats over coffee (beers actually)!

The general consensus was yep, lets do it.

Just to be clear – we don’t just get you likes as usually likes are worthless – we just liked the gif!!!

You see we’ve ran Facebook ads for own businesses, both B2B and B2C, with outstanding results, in fact we’ve been running them for years with incredible ROI, BUT and it’s a big BUT, at heart we’re an SEO company & that was the only service we set out to provide. We’re damn good at SEO and ranking websites, in fact I’d go as far to say we’re one of the best in the UK, so why consider offering another service?

It was actually a client of ours who asked if we ran Facebook campaigns, they were running their own with moderate to good success and spending around £60K per month, they just didn’t have the time to dedicate to fine tuning their ads, they knew they could get a better ROI, they just didn’t know how to.

In fact they brought another agency onboard first, who managed to increase their cost per leads by £20 or so and significantly decrease the number of leads they were getting (and these guys were supposed to be the experts)… Ummm.

This is when the debate started – do we – don’t we…

The long and short of it was we did help out, and to say our client is happy is an understatement!

We decreased their cost per lead from £35 or so to an average of £14.67 per lead in a very competitive market.
We increased their monthly lead volume from c1700 leads to well over 3000 leads and all for the same spend.
We have increased their conversion rate from below 5% to bang on 15% from cold traffic.

Thats how our NEW Facebook advertising service was born, and we’re proud to say we’re shit hot at it.

Are we diluting our offering?

No not at all, we set out to provide only the services we excel in, that was and still is SEO, it just so happens we’re Facebook advertising experts as well. Will we sell out and become like 99% of the other digital marketing agencies and offer every service under the sun and claim to be the best at it, when in fact their just playing with your money and experimenting with what might work?

NO – we’re sticking with SEO & Facebook Ads Management – PERIOD!

We now have a number of Facebook advertising clients who are blown away with the results we’ve been achieving for them. We only offer services to businesses we know we can help, and know we can generate ROI for.

Unlike a lot of agencies I personally have had experience with both through employing them to manage some e-commerce stores or through dealings for previous consulting clients, we genuinely deliver results, we are 100% transparent about what we do and why we do it. We only take on a select few clients a month, ensuring we give each one 110% time and effort.

Summing up:

We are now a specialist SEO & Facebook advertising agency!!!

At the end of the day if your business is online, whether thats selling products or services, you NEED to have a presence on Google (SEO) the worlds largest search engine. You also need to have a presence on the worlds Largest Social Media Platform – Facebook.

So if you’re business needs more leads and customers, give us a shout, we’re friendly, we’ll have a chat, see if there’s a fit, see if we can help and if so great, if not… no worries!

Call us on: 0161 818 8097

Email: mark@dotriseseo.co.uk

Visit our site – http://www.dotriseseo.co.uk/ (although if your reading this your already on it)