Benefiting from Content Curation

What exactly is content curation?

Of course we know what content is. You’re reading some right now as a matter of fact. And curating is the act of organizing and maintaining a collection. Ergo, content curation is sorting through the mind boggling amounts of content on the web and organizing it so that it is useful to others.

How it Works

The internet is chock full of free information, and that information pool expands daily. Content curation allows you to harvest and present good ideas without reinventing the wheel. Here are a couple examples of how to use content curation on a regular basis:

You can set up an online magazine using a product like Scoop It. Open an account, set up your keyword searches, and when you see something valuable, scoop it, add your own comments to it, and publish it to multiple platforms. This would, of course, include some of the fantastic original content that you create for your own website…

Also, you can use other people’s content in your blog articles without doing anything shady. For example, you could do an article on the top 5 ways to tenderize steak – and openly reference the sites that you gleaned the ideas from.

How it Benefits Your Business

If you are a startup business or are launching a new website to expand your online business audience, think of the exposure an online magazine can get you. You harvest the best articles in your niche from sites that you admire, and include articles from your site as well. Automatic exposure…and inbound links as well!

To include curated content in your blog articles will lend credence to your own ideas. You may have an original idea. If you do, great. But most ideas that people have nowadays have been had and tried before. So gather up the best of and present it to your reading audience. It will confirm the information and opinions you are presenting, as well as establish you as a reliable and thorough resource of all things clever.

How to Find the Content

Check out these curation tools and see if one of them suits your needs:

Those should give you a pretty good idea what is out there, how easy it is to get going, and how much different types of curation tools cost.

Content curation can be an extremely easy way to add value to your website. Of course original content will still be your backbone. But harvesting, sifting and presenting quality information from others in addition to your own will only make you relevant and invaluable to an information hungry customer base.