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Delivering Targeted Customers, Increasing Revenue
and Transforming UK Businesses.

Need Help Fixing & Improving Your Google Results?

All Eyes On Your Business

We guarantee your business will have an increased presence by dominating the Google search engine rankings, meaning more customers for you

Boost Your Revenue

More exposure means more prospects & customers, watch as your Company grows with a new steady stream of targeted customers

Increase Your Customer Base

Our only service is to optimise your website through our elite SEO skills…
Driving more customers to your website, we guarantee ROI

Page One of Google

Not just the top spot, we’ll help you take over the whole page, with multiple
Rankings for your social sites, maps, Youtube channel & more

No Monthly Tie-in Contracts

No SEO agency should force you into a lengthy contract, you’re paying for
Results – Dot Rise offer month rolling contacts

Daily Email Reporting

We keep you in the loop with daily ranking reports & updates along with
Digital marketing news, we’ll also offer advice on new digital strategies


We’re selective with who we work with, everything is done in house by our professional Internet marketing team & quite simply we deliver results!

Cutting Edge

We’re good at what we do (ranking your business), but we’re continually learning, we belong to mastermind groups that include the world’s best SEO’s.

It’s Time To Rank

Doing things the same old way, will result in the same old results, you either want to dominate your market, or you don’t, the top spots waiting, do you want it?

Let Us Ask You The Following…

1. Is your online marketing built around the most powerful, persuasive, intriguing, compelling, and fascinating message possible?

(Or is your message, ordinary, me-too-ish, dull, mundane, unexciting, easily ignored & very forgettable? Or worse still is it just about you and your business?)

2. Have you determined exactly who your message should be aimed at & figured out how to put it directly in front of them?

(Or are you vague, taking a scatter gun approach, aiming at anybody and thus for nobody? Are you dissipating rather than concentrating your marketing firepower, trying to be noticed by far too many?)

3. Are you wisely investing in the most appropriate media for the delivery of your message to the prospects in your specific target market?

(or are you just taking the approach that: everyone else is doing it, I guess we’ll just copy & throw money at something and see what sticks?)

4. Are you accurately measuring the true, return on investment from your marketing efforts?

(Or not? Or guessing, or relying on opinions not verified by hard data?)

I Want Better Rankings – Lets Talk !

We Specialise In Helping You Out-Think, Out-Perform & Out-Earn Your Competition Online!

Our Process …
What are your objectives:

Our simple goal as an SEO agency is to improve your website ranking. In order to do that we need to understand your priorities, business objectives & competitors. What is most important thing, 2nd most important and so on. We then need to analyse your current website & marketing activities, we check your data, run some techy tests & record everything on video for you to watch. Only when we’ve established your goals & ran our tests can we chat about strategy & move forward to getting your better website rankings.


Once our tests are run we need to develop a best-in-class strategy for search engine optimisation, search engine marketing & lead generation. This process involves determining keys terms or phrases that you will dominate the Search Engines based on our research.


We deliver results by working closely with your team, after all you know your business inside out, we’re just the experts at driving targeted traffic to websites that convert. We’ll fine tune our SEO service based on market & industry insights, persuasion psychology & user experience. We know what works to deliver leads & customers to your business in the fast paced digital age.


Nope… you want rankings, we deliver them, once we start the process we continually analyse key word rankings, we monitor your competition, reverse engineer the most competitive businesses in your market & outperform them using our cutting edge strategies.


We are always testing & tweaking, why? Quite simply achieving extraordinary results (remember dominating page one of Google) does not happen overnight & don’t be fooled by an SEO Agency that tells you they can rank you page one in a week or for £100!! Countless elements come into play, from your website to the copy you use and a whole lot more.

I guess your job is choosing the right SEO company for your business, it can be tricky choosing the right digital marketing agency, a lot is on the line, not only is your visibility in the organic search results a priority, every day that goes by and your website is not showing to the people that are searching for your products or services, we can guarantee that your competition is capturing your leads & taking your income.

What Makes DOTRISE SEO Agency Different?

Everyone in your business has an opinion on marketing… from the receptionist to the head designer to the COO.

We don’t create SEO strategies & campaigns based on somebody’s subjective opinion; our work and results come from detailed analysis of your business and search engine marketing knowledge.

Our experts live and breathe search engine optimisation, their industry knowledge is second to none, quite simply we know what works based on extensive research & testing.

Sadly most agencies will happily take your money, design you a “pretty” website, create substandard marketing campaigns and leave with a handshake and a good luck!

That is not what we do. We’ll continually test and tweak your SEO campaigns and provide expert digital marketing advice until we’ve tuned your website for maximum effectiveness & most importantly revenue! Usually this process takes place over a 6-12 month period.

Designers, developers, account managers are not marketers, everyone should stick with what they know best, business are experts at what you do, DOTRISE are experts at optimising websites in the search engines that deliver more customers, more revenue & increased profits!

We’re unique, we give you what you need, and not what you think you want!

Results are the name of the game, we won’t argue over taste, design, marketing strategy, if you want results, leads, sales, increased conversions, signups then speak with us today!

We have a simple philosophy at DOTRISE SEO…

You set the goal, we get the results.

In the digital age competition is rife, if you want to out-think, out-perform & out-earn your competition then speak to us. We specialise in providing results driven Search Engine Optimisatin digital marketing solutions for business that want to get ahead online.

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